Progress by Passion: RACER Worldwide by Mihhail Zigadlo

Progress by Passion: RACER Worldwide by Mihhail Zigadlo

In the fast-paced realm of fashion, where trends come and go like shooting stars, there are visionaries who shine brighter than the rest, daring to challenge conventions and push the boundaries of creativity. Among them stands RACER Worldwide, a trailblazing fashion creative collective founded by the visionary Mihhail Zigadlo in 2017. With a mission to revolutionize the fashion industry and redefine the rules of the game, RACER Worldwide is a force to be reckoned with.


RACER Worldwide CEO

At the core of RACER Worldwide beats a heart of unwavering passion for progress and a fervent desire to innovate. Mihhail Zigadlo's visionary outlook has launched this project into the stratosphere of the fashion world, igniting a spark that sets it ablaze with unparalleled originality. Embracing the relentless pursuit of pushing creative boundaries and experimenting with new business models, RACER Worldwide stands tall.

Breaking Free from Conventional Fashion

In an industry that can sometimes feel constrained by conformity, RACER Worldwide courageously breaks free from the shackles of convention. This creative collective thrives on change, embracing the ever-evolving ideas and moods that pulse within Racer Lab@. With open arms, RACER Worldwide welcomes diversity, encouraging limitless expression that celebrates individuality in all its unique forms.

A Movement of Self-Expression

Beyond being a fashion brand, RACER Worldwide embodies a powerful movement that celebrates the essence of individuality. In this inclusive community, stepping out of your comfort zone and fearlessly experimenting with fashion is not only encouraged but embraced with enthusiasm. It's a haven where authenticity and originality are cherished above all else, fostering an environment where everyone can express their true selves.

Revolutionizing Fashion Interactions

A trailblazer in the industry, RACER Worldwide's core mission is to revolutionize the way consumers interact with designers. Through innovative approaches and forward-thinking ideas, they are sculpting an unparalleled fashion experience, one that transcends traditional norms and defies expectations. As a testament to their unyielding creativity, RACER Worldwide continues to break new ground on this adventurous journey.

The Limitless Universe of Creativity

Step into the dazzling world of RACER Worldwide, where creativity knows no bounds. Each piece in their collection is an exquisite work of art, emanating an ethereal blend of mind-bending designs and bold fashion statements. As you embark on this journey, you'll be invited to explore the future of fashion – an enchanting adventure that sparks joy and embraces self-expression in its purest form.

Follow the Race

Are you ready to ride the wave of this exhilarating fashion revolution? Embrace the unbridled energy of RACER Worldwide and set your style on a course of unapologetic self-expression. As they say, this is just the beginning – anticipate a future filled with cutting-edge designs, electrifying collaborations, and a perpetual evolution of fashion.

Stay connected with the captivating journey of RACER Worldwide. Follow @RacerWorldwide on Instagram and become part of the movement shaping the future of style. Be the first to witness their daring creations, as the ever-inspiring world of RACER Worldwide continues to evolve.

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RACER WORLDWIDE TEAM (via instagram)

CEO: @zigadlo Production Managers: @matti_rivetti, @brotherembroidery, @kudr1k Art Director: @mriabrg Logistics Manager: @vmsndz Creative Managers:, @gerasimov, @bebybemby, @sshhett Designer: @based.molchanov Other: @zhenyahandin, @kristofer.kamberg


(This article is a promotional feature for a magazine spotlighting RACER Worldwide, a fashion creative collective founded by Mihhail Zigadlo. While the brand and content are based on themes and ideas representing the spirit of innovation and originality this drives many real-life fashion visionaries.)

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